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Awesome POAP drops
POAP Ledger Nano S Plus: Genesis Edition
To celebrate the release of the Ledger Nano S Plus, the first 10,000 Nanos include a limited edition genesis swivel and a POAP NFT
Ledger & Playboy
Playboy & Ledger Rabbitars party
You were among the guests at the Ledger x Playboy party at the Ledger villa in Lisbon We're happy to share with you a token of appreciation and proof of attendance Ledger x Playboy
Project Syndicate
Project Syndicate - Finance 3.0 - Online event
You were present at the live session of the Finance 3.0 online event held by Project Syndicate. We thank you for participating at this session This POAP NFT was the first distributed on a Project Syndicate session with the collaboration of POAP FR Agency.
WMG x Kevin Gates
Kevin Gates Red Rocks 4.16
This POAP commemorates Kevin Gates' performance at Red Rocks Ampitheater on April 16th
Jimmy Butler x Binance "Trust Yourself" @ Super Bowl
For every commercial aired during the game with a celebrity "talking crypto”, sound the alarm at CryptoCelebAlert.com to claim one of 2,222 POAP NFTs featuring Jimmy Butler.
Sotheby's NFT : Welcome to the Metaverse
Sotheby’s Metaverse at the Diriyah Biennale, for Saudi Arabia’s first panel event and exhibition dedicated to NFTs.
Just Maiko
Pioneer of NifTy Hustle
justmaiko Tik Tok influencer (50M followers) POAP drop for his new NFT channel @JustmaikoNFT
Paco Rabanne & Vasarely Foundation
UNIVERSE dinner // Paco Rabanne & Vasarely Foundation
A VIP Dinner to celebrate UNIVERSE, a collaboration between Paco Rabanne, the Vasarely Foundation and Selfridges.
Oliver Tree
Oliver Tree Pop-up
This POAP commemorates Oliver Tree's pop-up at North Fairfax, LA on February 18.
adidas Originals: our future started here
Adidas drop with POAP to open the doors to the metaverse
Happy POAP collectors

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POAP offre une nouvelle façon de conserver des enregistrements durables des expériences de vie. Un POAP est un objet de collection numérique créé en tant que NFT (Non Fongible Token) alimenté par la blockchain.
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